PeterPan's Adventure In Hollywood!...
~~ Part 3 ~~
The Weekend Begins

Friday had finally arrived and the rest of the weekend was mine.
I met some really fun fans, some very recent, and some from years ago!

Thank God it's FRIDAY!

This is my friend Dianne. I've known her almost since the website began in 2001, and finally got to met her Friday. As The hotel management had already gotten used seeing me walk around in fairy outfits, I wonder what went through their mind when Dianne showed up at the desk like this asking for my room number!
Dianne used to call herself a 'trucker' Tinkerbell. It was so great to finally meet someone I'd only know over email, literally for years. She wasn't quite as comfortable as she thought she'd be walking around with these wings in the middle of Hollywood, but we grabbed some breakfast and had a good time catching up. Later in the day, I got to meet a recent fan of the website, Michelle! You may recognize her from my Pixie Friends Page. I was so glad to hook up with her because I really wanted to go out 'clubbing' in LA, and Michelle had a whole clan of friends that had the same weekend intentions!

Each night, an eager crew of friends slowly grew into a small entourage, ready to hit the clubs on Santa Monica Blvd. The first night we went to a club called "Miss Kitty's", and it was a pretty wild and fun place. They don't allow cameras, and they have been VERY slow about updating their own website, so I've no pictures from there yet. But I'm sure I'll get some eventually!. The club is called "Dragonfly" during the week, so if anyone knows of the club, ask them to put up their pictures from April 25th! Hmm... now that I think of what went on there, maybe I should keep my mouth shut! Anyway, here's a nice group shot of some of the partygoers I met. From left to right, that's Jon, me, Eleanor, Melissa, and Andy.

As I said, I could not take pictures in the club we went to Friday. But skipping ahead to Saturday, we went to a Goth club called Bar Sinister right near my Hotel. There, I wore the top part of my Little Lord Fauntlerouy outfit. Without the shorts, it's like a one-sy, meaning it's all one piece and has little built in pants with ruffles. It was very cute and perfect for the 'goth' club, where everyone generally wears black anyway. Of course, Goth will never be the same now!

Here are Beth and Steph, more of Melissa's friends.
Both were lots of fun!

OK, yes... I was really hamming it up as everyone was taking my picture. But it's understandable because Bethany, the grrl serving drinks at the back bar, was making something called 'HAPPY JUICE!'. And everyone had had quite a bit of it, and everyone was definitely pretty happy! The only thing was that as a Tampa Florida resident, where clubs don't close until 3AM, (not to mention a former New Yorker where they never shut down), it did seem odd to hear the 'last call' at 1:30. But it was probably for the best, at least for me.

To look at John though (2nd from left), he could have gone on all night! Just look at those eyes! They say "waddaya mean closing time????!"

Well, all in all it was a great time. And as I finish this last page, Melissa had sent me a link to the Bar Sinister website, where they had my picture on their site for that evening's featured shot. Obviously, a good time was had by all!

The End!

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