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This is the classic Gainsborough painting 'Blue Boy' I've always liked the beautiful clothing styles of other times and places in history. Often it probably was a case of the well to do showing off their 'finery', but for me it has nothing to do with wealth. Over the years, some of these styles from other eras, particularly in children's clothes, Courtesy of the Historic Boy's Clothing site, link available below have inspired me to try my hand at sewing, and this page has some of the results... Well.. at least the ones that 'worked' anyway. Many is the time a big wad of strange looking fabric ended up stuffed into the trash!

The way I've done this might be a little hard on those with slow modems. To help, I am incorporating small 'Thumbnail' views to give you an idea what you're linking to. But the picture links point to what I call 'collections' rather than single photos. These are pages showcasing 2 or more (sometimes many more) photos, showing different views of me modeling that outfit. In all cases, the photos have been re-sized and cropped, and are in compressed JPEG format. But some of them are still somewhat large, so I do apologize if the download times are long. Also, if you want to return to the exact place on this page, make sure you click the 'back' link at the bottom of each collection, rather than the 'back' button on your browser.

The ever Growing Peter Pan Pixie Outfit Collection

Here's a recently updated page with few of the Peter Pan outfits I've made for events like TV interviews and the Webby awards, including a nice Velvet one! The last one is a separate huge flying shot!! Click the last picture, or HERE for that one!

These are ballet costumes with a Peter Pan look. The first I wore to a ballet class about 10 years ago, except with tights instead of the stretchy pants shown. I wasn't very good, but I had fun! The second one, I think, shows a bit more creativity, as I've gotten better over the years at designing these outfits.

This row has yet another 'ballet' Peter Pan outfit, made with more of a skating dress look, from some near ideally colored fabric I got during a visit to San Francisco!

And here's a very woodsy forest pixie version. I made this for a festival in late 2007.

Finally, these are just larger versions of the pictures on the home page.

"Little Lord Fauntleroy, Black and Burgundy!"

Mothers in the late 19th century liked to dress their boys like this. I first saw a black outfit like this as a child on a kiddy show called "The Little Rascals". It was usually worn by the kid playing the role of the "sissy". I Wonder why

Here's another recent version of a similar outfit I made in mid 2004, in more of a Burgundy color. I'm sorry these aren't my greatest camera work, but it was too cute not to share!

The Blue Dancer and Blue Prince... Bits and Pieces!

Blue is probably my second favorite color, And I'm always mixing and matching things to make little costumes. But when I finally made myself some good blue shimmery tights, these combinations really started to make nice dancing costumes, for 'clubing'

This second variation got more elaborate, and it continues to 'evolve'! (In fact, there are some latter revisions with points sewn into the top I have no pictures of yet. But even so, this is extremely cute and more 'regal' than the first, so I'm calling it the Blue Prince!

Authentic Blue Boy!

A company called "The Magic Wardrobe" in California made me this very authentic version of the Gainsborough Blue Boy painting for me, and this is probably the first time I've departed from making things myself. There is so much detail in this outfit that I decided to put up many more pictures than I usually do.

Personally, I think I look even cuter than the boy in the painting.

New 'Baby' Blue Boy!

Also Inspired by the painting by Gainsborough, I made my own version of this classic. I Mine has no cape like the original, but it has more lace, is more of a baby blue shade, and I think it's even cuter!

New Version! The outfit above was made quite along time ago and was very worn out. I've recently remade it from scratch, and added a separate page here (bottom set) for the new pictures...

Special addition: Happy Easter!

New 'Bunny Boi' Page!

Speaking of 'Easter', Here's another 'Bunny Wabbit' look I recently put together, for a local 'Alice in Wonderland' Themed party in 2004

The Purple Pixie!

I'm sure my friends are calling this the purple pansy instead!   This was first done in response to a lot of email asking for something in purple. It was basically a cute ballet/dance costume, but needed some refinement. The original it here...

Sometime later, I sent a sketch off to the Magic Wardrobe company, who graciously gifted me with this version, appropriately titled, the NEW PURPLE PIXY...

Purple Pixie Glitter Star Pants!

Say that 3 times fast! Actually, it started as just another purple stretch velvet top, pretty good as a dancing outfit. But then I found this super starry glitter fabric to make tights, and it turned out super cute! You can be sure I'll be making another outfit out of that material soon!

Sorry for the poor camera quality of some of these!

Ultimate Glitter Star Fairy!

Yep... I just had to go back to the store for more of that wonderful stretchy star fabric, and make an entire head to toe outfit. I was even able to find some Raspberry color shoe paint to make the perfect ballet shoes to go with it.

Elfin Renaissance Wear!

This was inspired by these really kewl/cute vests I found at a local Renaissance faire years ago. If I can ever find the designer's web site, I'll post it! These required only some simple combinations of similar colors and tights or stretch pants, to make very nice little elf like costumes, great for dancing in.

The hat in the last picture came as part of a great costume
I got from an on line sale. You can't see much of it in this
shot, but I'll post again in full view soon.

Elfin Christmas in Florida

As each year draws to a close, I'm always inundated with requests for something in the spirit of the season. Well that's easy, As I do much of my Christmas shopping as an elf, adding little things to this outfit every day. I hope you enjoy this holiday extra!

Merry Christmas, and God bless us, Everyone!

Back to School!

As much as Peter Pan didn't wanna do it, Eventually it was time for school! Well, if I have to go to school, at the very least I'm going to be a cute school boi! So here's my little grey school boi look. And as you'll see, you dress a little kid up, but you can't stop him from being a little kid, and getting in trouble!

Pretty in Pink 'GRRL' pages

Well despite my emphasis on my own version of 'boi' outfits , there seems to be no end to the requests for more things like the fairy princess outfit. Go figure!!? I'd like to think I make a cute boi, but a pretty ugly grrl! But I'll let you decide for yourself! NOTE: The "very lovely Fairy Princess" shots have updated and moved here!

Out Takes!

Often I throw something together to go out with, sometimes just clubbing and other times for a particular event. These are combinations that probably won't be repeated ever the exact same way. In fact in some cases, they never make it out the door! There's only a few things here now, but I'm sure I'll be adding plenty to this page!

Every Day wear

Since I'm always asked how I dress on a day to day basis, I share these more "boring" shots with you. But as you can see, It's basically more of the same, just slightly more conservative.

Here's some more "Shorts" outfits. Again, nothing really special.

More pictures?

As you can imagine, I have many other ideas and I'll surely add more over time. But elaborate outfits like many of the above are not easy to make, so please be patient. In the mean time, if you or your friends have some cute or fairy-like, or pixie-ish outfits you wouldn't mind sharing, send me the pictures, and I'll add them to my Pixie Friends page!

Finally, thank you so much for visiting my site. The vast majority of people tell me they have been inspired with new courage to be themselves and share their dreams. Despite my apparent vanity, I do not think myself to be very special at all, and if it is God's plan for such a comical person to spread some joy in a world that is indeed very dark at times, then I am both humbled and honored to be able to do so. Peace to you all!

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